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ModuLus is a FHF-funded project (https://www.fhf.no/prosjekter/prosjektbasen/901564/) where we take a closer look at the interaction between salmon lice and salmon, with a focus on immune responses. We consider both the specialized salmon lice, but also Caligus elongatus that infect a number of fish species, as we can find interesting answers in the comparison between the specialist and generalist.

Both these fish lice have glands that produce immunosuppressive components that are secreted onto the salmon's skin during an infestation. In this way, the lice can sit relatively undisturbed while feeding on the salmon's skin and blood, without inducing a detrimental immune response.

In ModuLus, we try to identify such immunosuppressive components from both salmon louse and C. elongatus, and further characterize mainly the components of salmon louse. What is their specific function, when during the louse life cycle are they important, are they expressed when the lice are infesting resistant salmonids and can they be used towards new innovative treatments are questions we try to find answers to.