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New insights into sea lice genomics – the key to sustainable sea lice control?

In a new publication where researchers at SLRC have contributed, is 13081 protein-coded genes from the Atlantic sea lice annotated.


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Researchers from SLRC have for a long time claimed that the key to sustainable sea lice control is in the genome. In a new publication forthcoming and printed in the Genomics November issue are questions such as what exactly creates parasitic genoma, og what it is about the sea lice that makes it so competitive advantaged explored.

Researcher Christiane Eichner, researcher Michael Dondrup, professor Sindre Grotmol, professor Inge Jonassen and professor Frank Nilsen at the University of Bergen have all contributed in the publication, together with researchers from among others Institute of Marin Research.

Read more about the publication “The salmon louse genome: Copepod features and parasitic adaptions” on the LiceBase (a database for sea lice genomics) site.