Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Program Autumn 2011

The Centre for Middle Eastern Studies will in the autumn of 2011 organize a number of seminars, workshops and guest lectures

Seminar series "Regime change in the Middle East"

  • 8.9: Bjørn Olav Utvik, Universitetet i Oslo, ”Islamistenes rolle i det nye Midtøsten
  • 13.10: Kjetil Selvik, FAFO / Univ. i Oslo, "Culture, Class, and Sectarianism in the Syrian Revolution"
  • 14.10: Paul Wilson, Tunis, "Regime change in Tunisia: A first hand observation"
  • 28.10: Meeting with Sidi Mohammed Daddach, Western Sahara: "Human rights in the occupied Western Sahara"
  • 1.11: Daniel Varisco & Najwa Adra, Hofstra / NY, ”Yemen:  The Fall of the Arab Spring” (Seminar Room 1, AHKR)


Guest lectures

  • 22.9: Hani Hayajneh, Yarmouk University, ”Cultural and linguistic insights into the epigraphical heritage of Pre-Islamic North Arabia
  • 3-4.10: Norman Yoffee, University of Michigan, ”Early Cities and the evolution of history", "Questioning collapse” and  ”Nuns, priestesses, and prostitutes in Babylonia
  • 21.10: Anne Regourd, Paris, "Safeguarding endangered private libraries of manuscripts: A focus on Zabid in Yemen
  • 2.11: Daniel Varisco, ”Anthropology, anthropologies; Islam, islams: Fields in Flux” (Aud. E, Sydneshaugen)

Seminars / workshops


All events are held in the Seminar room, SMI, unless otherwise indicated.