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A prospective study investigating treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum


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SUKK-P is a longitudinal prospective cohort study investigating symptoms and treatment in women hospitalized for treatment of extreme nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, hyperemesis gravidarum.

The study started at Haukeland University Hospital in February 2021 and has since been expanded to include 11 departments: Vestre Viken Bærum and Drammen Hospital, Innlandet Hospital Lillehammer and Gjøvik, Norland Hospital Bodø, St. Olav’s Hospital, Stavanger University Hospital, Telemark Hospital Skien, and the municipal in-patient facilities “Stavanger Øyeblikkelig Hjelp” and “Jæren Øyeblikkelig Hjelp”.

More than 200 women hospitalized for treatment of hyperemesis have been included in SUKK-P, and inclusion will continue at a selection of departments throughout 2023. The participants receive electronic questionnaires monthly throughout their pregnancy. Additional information will be collected from hospital charts and health registries.

The aim of SUKK-P is to increase the knowledge of the duration and severity of symptoms and treatment needs in women suffering from hyperemesis throughout the pregnancy. Additionally, the study can explore whether women at risk of developing severe hyperemesis can be identified early to initiate timely and appropriate treatment. The study can also provide health economic assessments of hyperemesis.

The Norwegian patient organization Hyperemesis Norge and the international collaboration organization International Collaboration for Hyperemesis Gravidarum Research contributes to SUKK-P.