Space physics

Phd Theses in Space Physics

Below is a list of PhD theses that have been submitted by candidates from our Space Physics group. The list includes all PhD theses since 1995.

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Reham Zakaria Ahmed Mohamed Abdelsamed Elhawary (2024), Exploring Geospace Dynamics Through Ground Magnetic Perturbations during Substorms

Josephine Alessandra Salice (2024), The Nature of High-Energy Tail Electron Precipitation

Margot Decotte (2024), Auroral Region Morphology and the Influence of Earth’s Rotation on Geospace Dynamics

Simon James Walker (2024), Deciphering Spatio-Temporal Variations in the Auroral Ionosphere using Magnetometer Data

Michael Madelaire (2024), The Ionospheric Current System and its Temporal Evolution during Rapid Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Increases

Jone Øvretvedt Edvartsen (2023), Investigating the impact of space weather on the polar atmosphere using rigorous statistical methods

Eldho Midhun Babu (2023), Modelling the Spatial Extent of Medium Energy Electron Precipitation

Susanne Flø Spinnangr (2023), Investigation of the Effect of Transient and Temporal Variations on Magnetic Reconnection : Using Kinetic PIC Simulations

Håkon Midthun Kolstø (2022), Magnetic Reconnection and Heavy Ions

Chris Alexander Kallevik Skeie (2022), Aircraft and spacecraft observations of high-energy radiation associated with lightning leaders

Anders Lindanger (2022), Spectral Analysis of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes and Their Connection to Lightning Discharges

Katie Herlingshaw (2021), Characterising Mesoscale Fast Flow Channels in the Polar Cap Ionosphere

Carolina Maiorana (2021), Geographical Characteristics and Meteorological Environment of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes

Fasil Tesema Kebede (2021), Energetic electron precipitation of pulsating aurorae and their mesospheric effects

Anders Ohma (2019), How Asymmetries in Geospace Evolve During Increased Tail Reconnection

Alexander Broberg Skeltved (2018), Evaluating the production scenarios of terrestrial gamma-ray flashes

Norah Kaggwa Kwagala (2018), Thermally excited 630.0 nm emissions in the polar Ionosphere

Annet Eva Zawedde (2018), The Impact of Energetic Electron Precipitation on Mesospheric Hydroxyl Radical 

Paul Tenfjord (2017), Solar wind energy transfer and the asymmetric geospace

Beate Krøvel Humberset (2017), Scale size-dependent characteristics of the magnetosphere-ionosphere system using auroral imaging

Jone Peter Reistad (2016), Mechanisms responsible for asymmetric aurora between the conjugate hemispheres

Linn-Kristine Ødegaard (2016), Energetic particle precipitation into the middle atmosphere - optimization and applications of the NOAA POES MEPED data

Christer van der Meeren (2016), Mesoscale ionospheric plasma irregularities and scintillation over Svalbard

Ragnhild (Schrøder Hansen) Nisi (2014), Constraining the properties of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes

Thomas Gjesteland (2012), Properties of Terrestrial Gamma ray Flashes. Modelling and Analysis of BATSE and RHESSI data

Karl Magnus Laundal (2010), Auroral imaging as a tracer of global magnetospheric dynamics

Kristian Snekvik (2009), Observations of field aligned currents in the plasma sheet. Two kinds of field aligned currents generated during magnetotail convection

Marit Irene J. Sandanger (2009), Dynamics of the storm time ring current and relativistic electrons. Particle scattering by ion cyclotron waves inside the anisotropic proton zone

Hilde Nesse Tyssøy (2008), Effects of energetic particle precipitation on the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere

Marita Sørbø (2008), Energetic particles at low altitudes in the equatorial region. Temporal/spatial variations and implications for the source region

Camilla Sætre (2007), The effect of energetic electron precipitation on the nitric oxide density in the lower thermosphere

Arve Aksnes (2005), Ionospheric global conductances derived from remote sensing of UV and X-ray emissions

Arne Åsnes (2005), Substorm injections and wave-particle interactions causing energetic electron precipitation - Remote sensing of auroral X-rays and particle measurements at geosynchronous orbit

Kjellmar Oksavik (2003), A study of temporal and spatial variations in the polar cusp/cleft region using multi-instrument techniques

Nikolai Østgaard (1999), The dynamics of energetic electron precipitation during substorms Utilization of the remote sensing technique of X rays

Stein Egil Håland (1998), Energetic Particle Signatures of Reconnection and Flux Rope Formation in the Magnetotail

Rune Stadsnes (1997), Dynamics of a magnetospheric substorm