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The Tax Law Research Group will work to develop and strengthen an objective research community in Tax Law that operates independently without siding with neither the state nor the taxpayers, with the ultimate aim of academically elevating the field of tax law research and to deepen the understanding of fundamental tax law principles. The Tax Law Group is a forum for development of new research projects, ongoing tax law debate, as well as seminars and events on current tax law topics.

The Research Group is headed by Associate Professor Henrik Skar. The members of the Group research key areas of Tax Law and connected legal fields. The Group includes the external affiliated members associate professors Oddleif Torvik and Tormod Torvanger from The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and professor Peter Koerver Schmidt from Copenhagen Business School (CBS Law), Denmark.

Tax law is an important legal field in modern society, seen from the perspectives of both the state and the taxpayers. The Norwegian State is entirely dependent on the payment of different taxes (incl. Employers and Employee Social Security Contributions) to finance its ongoing activities, including the comprehensive Norwegian Welfare System (in Norwegian: Folketrygden). For those liable to tax to Norway, be they businesses or individuals, the payment of taxes represents a significant burden. 

The domestic Norwegian tax law system faces influence from international institutions, in particular the OECD. Increased globalisation and digitalisation of the economy will further strengthen this tendency. With its developed network of tax treaties and a strong tax administration that closely follows the international development, Norway has a sound point of departure for dealing with the fiscal challenges that loom.

There is a real need for objective tax law research to clarify the interpretation of current law. Such research will inform the users of the law – primarily the state and the taxpayers - and contribute to making the tax law predictable and practicable for them. The courts, that  must settle disputes between the mentioned two parties, will also benefit from such research. An additional task for the Tax Law Research Group is to assists the Norwegian Legislator in developing new tax regulations. 

Photo of the lecturers and representatives from the Norwegian Tax Authorities.

Second Edition of the “Tax Law – Contemporary Issues” Conference

In collaboration with the Norwegian School of Economics and the Norwegian Tax Authorities, the Faculty of Law invited around 100 participants to a new Tax Law Conference. This time, the conference delved into new, topical issues within taxation.

Photo of Professor John Vella presenting at the seminar.

PhD Course for Tax Scholars

Solstrand became a hub for tax law discourse when the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen, in collaboration with the Norwegian School of Economics and the Norwegian Tax Authorities, hosted a two-day seminar for 20 European PhD students specializing in tax law.

Research project
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Fundamental Concepts of Tax Law in a New Age

Fundamental Concepts of Tax Law in a New Age is a project established by the Norwegian Tax Administration and the University of Bergen. It is led by Henrik Skar, a postdoctoral fellow at the Faculty of Law.

Commitment to Tax Law

Intensified Commitment to Tax Law

In the wake of the Panama Papers revelations, the importance of tax law is becoming increasingly evident. UiB’s Faculty of Law and the Norwegian School of Economics are partnering up to enhance expertise in this field.

Conference speakers

Tax Law Conference - Contemporary Issues

The conference “Tax Law - Contemporary Issues” was held on 25 November 2021 at the Faculty of Law in Bergen.