Tissue Engineering

Effects of mesenchymal stem cells on inflammation after co-implantation with endothelial cells

Inflammation is a natural reaction to surgical trauma and implantation of biomaterials and cells facilitating vascularization and tissue repair. Excessive inflammation can however, negatively impact the success of tissue-engineered constructs.

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The main aim of this study is host response in tissue-engineered construct. These construct exhibits inflammation that helps on tissue regeneration and degradation of implanted material.

The focus of this study is on the co-culture system with mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial cells and its influence on transmigration of leukocytes from the circulation and into the tissue-engineered constructs. Human mesenchymal cells and human umbilical vein endothelial cells have been grown in co culture in poly (LLA-co-DXO) scaffolds and implanted subcutaneously in mice.

Principal investigator: Kamal.Mustafa@iko.uib.no