Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (TeLEd) research group
TeLEd Monthly Research Series

Assessing Constructive Alignment in Norwegian Higher Education: A pilot study using CALEQ

This exciting instance of the TeLEd Monthly Event Series will feature research from TeLEd members Jorun Nyléhn and Christian Bianchi Strømme from the Department of Biological Sciences, and Arild Raaheim, leader of the TeLEd research group, discussing their use of the Constructive Alignment of Learning Experience Questionnaire (CALEQ).

Constructive Alignment
Constructive Alignment
Christian B. Strømme

Constructive alignment is one of the most talked about topics in teaching and learning in higher education, yet while many university instructors can tell you what it is, it is not so common that they can show you how their own courses are constructively aligned. Come hear Jorun, Christian, and Arild discuss how they have translated the Constructive Alignment of Learning Experience Questionnaire (CALEQ) into Norwegian and piloted it in a biology course. They will discuss constructive alignment, the translation process, and the results from the pilot.

The event will be online via Zoom - see link below