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Student-staff co-creation of and in the curriculum

This instance of the TeLEd Monthly Event Series will feature Cathy Bovill, Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement with the Institute for Academic Engagement at the University of Edinburgh and Associate Professor II with iEarth at UiB. Dr. Bovill is an internationally renowned expert in student engagement and student-staff relationships and the author of Co-creating learning and teaching: Towards relational pedagogy in higher education (2020). In this talk, she will focus on the power of having students involved in co-creating the curriculum.

Picture of Dr Catherine Bovill
University of Edinburgh

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Student-staff co-created curriculum has gained a great deal of interest in universities in the last decade. But in many cases little attention has been paid to what we mean by curriculum and therefore what we are inviting students to co-create. In this session I will introduce the concepts of co-creation of the curriculum and co-creation in the curriculum. Drawing on authentic examples from different disciplines from universities around the world I will examine the ways people are co-creating the curriculum. I will also draw on recent research at the University of Edinburgh, highlighting how student and staff perspectives on curriculum compare. I will argue that inviting students into conversations about curriculum, changes curriculum from something done to students, to something done with students. Co-creating curriculum also changes the conversations we have about curriculum design for the better and enhances the relevance of future curricula. There will be opportunity to respond to the presentation and discuss the implications of co-creation in your own practice.

The event will be online via Zoom - see link below