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Silvio Funtowicz: The rhetoric of sustainability

How can science solve the sustainability crisis?

Illustration of the topic presented by Silvio Funtowicz
Grant Ellis/World Bank

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When discussing sustainability, terms such as science advice and the science-policy interface have become all the rage. What is this all about? In this talk, professor Silvio Funtowicz takes a critical look at the sustainability concept, sharing his experiences on how researchers can provide advice to policy-makers in the context of scientific uncertainty and value conflicts.

Silvio Funtowicz is an Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Study of the Sciences and the Humanities at the University of Bergen. He is a philosopher and a mathematician, with a particular interest in the sciences and technology. He is among other things known as a creator of the term and research field of post-normal science

Chair: Thor Olav Iversen