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The Pro Bono Group

The Pro Bono Group conducts research on children's rights.

Bilde med medlemmene i Pro bono-gruppen.
Members of the Pro bono group.
Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism

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Pro bono is a Latin phrase for professional work and research undertaken voluntarily without payment and for the benefit of the public good. The Pro Bono Group, believing that working for children and young individual’s rights is a particularly important social responsibility, conducts research on children’s rights. Professor Marit Skivenes is the principal investigator and chair of the group.

Mitt Liv Barnevern: The Pro Bono Group’s most recent completed project is an evaluation of the “Mitt Liv” (“My Life”) program. “Mitt Liv” is a project developed by “Forandringsfabrikken” (“The Change Factory”) and “Barnevernsproffene.” Its ambition is to change how child welfare workers work so that the child is at the centre of child welfare decisions. The project is set to change work procedures in and the ethos of many municipalities in Norway. “Forandringsfabrikken” is a foundation that, with the public, works to highlight a child-centred perspective in the Norwegian child welfare system. “BarnevernsProffene” are youth working for “Forandringsfabrikken” who are experts by experience with the child welfare system.

The final report is available here: Mot et barneperspektiv i Barnevernet. En studie av implementeringen av programmet Mitt Liv Barnevern.  Contributers to the report included: Kaja Eek-Larsen, Hege Stein Helland, Lisette Holm, Ida Juhasz, Oda Krogh Læret, Amy McEvan-Strand, Siri Hansen Pedersen, Barbara Ruiken, Marie Topaas Storm, Hilde Svrljuga Sætre, Marit Skivenes, Line Sørsdal, og Vilde Tøfte Øvstetun,