Bergen Research School in Inflammation
22nd May to 24th May

Adaptive Immunity All you should know

Bergen Research School of Inflammation (BRSI) together with the Broegelmann Research Laboratory (BRL) cordially invites you to their 6th advanced immunology course/workshop (3ECTS) under the topic of “Adaptive Immunity - All you should know!”. The meeting will take place 22nd to 24th of May 2024 at VilVite.

Poster for arrangementet med bilde av forelesere og info om arrangementet
Richard Davies

Main content

- Hear from national and international experts in adaptive immunity in infection, cancer and autoimmunity including

- Flash talks and poster session for upcoming investigators

- Networking dinners and lunches with researchers, students, local and international experts

- No fee for master and PhD students (3 ECTS)

- Non PhD and master students are subject to a 2415Kr fee to attend to cover individual expenses (subject to change prior to registration deadline)


Click here to register or contact Richard.davies@uib.no