Bergen Research School in Inflammation

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Bergen Research School in Inflammation (BRSI), which is primarily aimed at PhD trainees, is an integrated and additive training resource which complement the supervisors. Its purpose is to "fill a hole" in the (local) research group for an effective, high quality, relevant and organized research training. BRSI is intended to be a flexible and inclusive service, and we also welcome candidates other than belonging to the main target group. This includes participants from other research schools, master degree students, guest students (exchange students), post graduate candidates and others who have an interest in the topics taught.


At the moment we have 5 main courses in our portfolio:

  • HUIMM901 - Project seminars (3 credits)
  • HUIMM902 - Journal club and watch (3 credits)
  • HUIMM903 - Human immunobiology - research school (10 credits)
  • HUIMM906 - Immunological methods- research school (10 credits)
  • HUIMM905 - Advanced immunology course - thematic (3 credits)
  • HUIMM307 Basic course in Flow Cytometry (5 ECTS) 

(total 34 credits)


Other related courses:

  • HUMIK301 - Microbiology (10 credits)
  • HUVIR301 - Virology (5 credits)
  • HUVIR320 - Vaccinology (5 credits)
  • HUPAT301 - Pathology (5 credits)
  • HUIMM303 - Human immunobiology - Master degree (10 credits)
  • HUIMM306 - Immunological methods- Master degree (10 credits)

(total 45 credits)


None of the above courses are compulsory but are highly recommended that candidates attend the HUIMM901 and HUIMM902 courses. 

All PhD students at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry have to take the obligatory course: 

MEDMET1 - Basic course in medical and health related research (8 credits). 

The other courses are meant to fulfill the basic and advanced knowledge in their respective research field.


A possible program for the research training can be outlined:

Obligatory courses: (total 8 credits)

MEDMET1 (8 credits)

Highly recommended courses: (total 6 credits)

HUIMM901 (3 credits)

HUIMM902 (3 credits)

Elective courses (project related):

Immunology: HUIMM903, HUIMM906, HUIMM905, HUIMM307

Microbiology/pathology: HUMIK301, HUVIR301, HUPAT301

Other relevant courses: Statistics, Epidemiology, Health related topics, Laboratory Animal Science etc. (provided by other research schools and/or departments ).

Other activities earning credits:

Presentations, participating at meetings etc.

A total of 30 credit points is needed to fulfill the requirements for the PhD degree, in addition to the thesis and research work.