Bergen Summer Research School
Science diplomacy

The relevance of your research to the SDGs

The second week of this year’s Bergen Summer Research School is dedicated to a series of plenary auditorium sessions devoted to what is often referred to as «science diplomacy».

Meeting at the UN

There are also other concepts used for a process in which research-based knowledge is brought into direct dialogue with policy making, such as the “science-policy interface”. These dialogues are of particular importance for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Since our Summer School is such an international forum, we prefer to use “science diplomacy” and view the process as somewhat similar to a multilateral United Nations meeting, where state parties and other representatives give statements to a panel.

In these sessions, taking place on Tuesday to Thursday in Week 2, every one of you will be required to present a prepared statement of maximum 250 words. This should take no more than 2 minutes. Your statement must, in a concise and clear way, provide a brief proposal by you on how a certain aspect of your own research can contribute to the support and implementation of one or more Sustainable Development Goals.

You are free to choose whether you will address one or several SDGs, or just an aspect (e.g. one or more targets) of one specific SDG.

Your two-minute prepared statement will be presented to a chaired panel consisting of 3 to 4 diplomats and scholars, and the panel will provide a brief response to you. Each presentation and-response will be given a total of 5 minutes, which includes walking to and from the podium.

From these sessions you will gain a wealth of information from your fellow participants, and you will learn how to present key research messages to an audience of decision makers beyond academia.