Research School in Clinical Medicine

Seminar in clinical and translational medicine- autumn 2018 (FSKLI901)


Network Luncheons in general, are a great opportunity to share your work, to expand your network and learn about other fields than you work with yourself.

By presenting in these luncheons, you will get more experience and more confident to talk about your work. Hopefully, you will achieve a discussion getting more perspectives about your field. Perspectives that you might not get when presenting in front of your research group only. If you are planning to go to a conference, you will be more prepared after presenting in these luncheons. Also, you will get a great coffee cup in reward =)

In addition, you can achieve 1 credit point if you attend 3 luncheons and present your work in one of them during two semesters. If you would like to achieve this credit point, please contact the PhD coordinator at Department of clinical science: