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We are in a time of extreme transformation of our society due to digitalization, and both Norway and the rest of the world need ICT specialists with high-level research competence.

When entering the PhD program at the Department of Informatics, candidates can specialize in one of seven research directions: algorithms, bioinformatics, machine learning, optimization, programming theory, reliable communication and visualization. The PhD candidates will be actively integrated in a research group and will be enrolled in the ICT Research School. The research school is a venue where the PhD candidates can get together, exchange experiences, learn new skills, are exposed to new ideas, and get career advice, regardless of their background and research groups.

Starting out as a traditional research career path, a PhD in informatics is now much more than just an academic degree. PhDs with a background in ICT are to an increasing degree highly sought after by the business sector, especially in the areas of energy and finance. Nowadays, more than 90% of informatics PhDs are getting jobs in the non-academic sector, and that regardless of their previous research specialization. The PhD candidates enrolled in the department’s PhD program are often offered jobs long before they finish their studies, including offers from both national and international academic institutions as well as large companies in Norway.

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UiB Ferd Courses

UiB Ferd supports Early-Stage Researchers in their career development. An important part of this support are the courses the career center offers, and below you will find a brief overview of the various courses. The courses will be shown in UiB's calendar and on UiB Ferd's website and in the...

Informatics PhD
Pål Drange

Næringslivet trenger kloke hoder fra UiB

En doktorgrad fra Institutt for informatikk gav Pål Grønås Drange stilling i Equinor. Etter to år har han avansert fra utvikler til fagleder. Det kan han takke doktorgraden for, mener han.

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