CIH-CISMAC Research School

Midway evaluation

Centre for International Health has decided to use midway seminars as a progress seminar in the organized training of researchers. The intention with this seminar is for the centre to have a stronger academic follow up of the candidates.

The midway seminar of the research candidates has the following goals:
• to find status regarding the progression and development of the project
• to give the candidate the possibility to present the whole project for a committee for seminar

Midway evaluation should be organised by the main supervisor, and the presentation should include finished manuscripts, manuscripts in process, courses taken and presentations made. 


MIDWAY EVALUATION AT CIH (updated 23.08.18)


0. The IGS administration (at present Daniel Gundersen) provides a list over candidates who should have a Midway evaluation to the CIH/CISMAC Research School at the beginning of each semester – and contacts/informs the candidates/main supervisor about this.

1. The main PhD supervisor is responsible for the midway evaluation of each PhD candidate to take place; and starts the process. The main supervisor is responsible for informing co-supervisors. The PhD candidate must sign up in the Student web – page for this event.

2. The CIH /CISMAC Research School organizes the evaluations; preferably on Wednesdays – certain dates are allocated for this purpose. More than one evaluation can take place on a date.

3. Supervisor and student find a date - preferably one of the dates marked for Midway evaluation in the CIH Research School programme , and reports the date and names of two evaluators (one at CIH and one external) to the leader of the Research School  (at present BE Moen).

4. Supervisor helps the candidate to prepare the Midway report. Published papers should be enclosed. This should all be sent to the Research School coordinator Hallgeir Kismul at the latest two weeks before the evaluation takes place. Kismul will as for the report if it is not coming in time.

5. The report and information about time/place and formalia related to the evaluation is sent to the evaluators by Kismul.

6. Midway evaluation takes place:

-The candidate presents his/her work and plans

-Evaluators comment

-Audience may comment

-Evaluator and candidate withdraw for finalization of conclusion/signatures.

Sometimes the supervisor participate in extra discussions with the evaluators.

7. The signed midway evaluation form is delivered to IGS administrator (Daniel Gundersen), who forwards it to the Faculty.


Autumn 2018

Professor Bente E. Moen (leader of CIH/CISMAC Research School)

Førsteamanuensis Hallgeir Kismul (coordinator of Midway documents)

Førsteamanuensis Ana Lorena Ruano (coordinator of list of seminars in the research school)

Daniel Gundersen (IGS PhD administrator)