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Here you will find some of the presentations from Research School Seminars.

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Autumn 2016:

24/8: Defense of thesis - Dissertation day (PDF) - By Professor Bente E. Moen



Autumn 2015:

23/9: Writing introduction (PDF) - By Professor Sven G. Hinderaker

16/9: How to write material and methods (PDF) - By Professor Ingunn Engebretsen

26/8: Structure of the PhD thesis (PDF) - By Professor Bernt Lindtjørn


Spring 2015:

Writing a paper: Results (PDF) - By Professor Sven G. Hinderaker

Writing a paper: Methods (PDF)  - By Professor Sven G. Hinderaker

To write the introduction of a paper (PDF) - By Professor Sven G. Hinderaker


26. November 2014:
How to produce junk science.. (PDF) - By Associate Professor, Bergen University College, Ole Bjørn Rekdal

12. November 2014: 
Writing a paper: Introduction (PDF)by Professor Sven G. Hinderaker 

Example of paper (Harries et.al.) (PDF)

29. October 2014:
How to make a scientific poster (PDF) - by Professor Bente Moen

22. October 2014: 
How to read a scientific paper (PDF) - by Professor Sven G. Hinderaker

20. August 2014: 
Structure of the PhD thesis (PDF) - by Professor Bernt Lindtjørn

This seminar 20th of August was filmed, and you can view it in your internet browser here: http://video.dig.uib.no/engage/ui/index.html?series=cc45b23e-6998-4da5-8e53-99f306b931e4 (NB: the seminar starts at about 03:00 into the video, you can fast forward until then).