PhD Research School in Linguistics and Philology

Seven Mountains; Seven Voices

The proceedings from the 2009 PhD-conference have been published as a part of the Bergen Language and Linguistic Studies (BeLLS) book series.

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The editors are happy to announce the first volume of Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies (BeLLS). The volume consists of selected papers from the Third Scandinavian PhD Conference in Linguistics and Philology in Bergen held in June 2009. BeLLS is an open-access peer-reviewed electronic book series that will publish original research on language and linguistics. In addition to seven articles, the volume includes a preface by Leiv Egil Breivik and Christer Johansson, the editors of the series, and an introduction by Edit Bugge and Lidun Hareide, the editors of the volume and members of the PhD Research School in Linguistics and Philology.