PhD Research School in Linguistics and Philology

Gunn Inger Lyse

Translation-based Word Sense Disambiguation

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Initial project description:

"This project is carried out within the field of computational linguistics. It is funded through the LOGON project, which develops machine translations from Norwegian and English, and is part of the recently launched KUNSTI (Knowledge Development for Norwegian Language Technology) programme, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

In my subproject I will investigate the use of lexico-semantic information acquired through the Semantic Mirrors method for automated word sense disambiguation (WSD). The overall aim is to evaluate the plausibility of the Mirrors method as a semantic knowledge source, using the practical computational task of WSD as a measuring method. Positive results may be taken as support for the Mirrors hypothesis of translation-based semantics. Moreover, WSD as a field of research is relevant for various language processing systems, such as machine translation. My project concretely addresses the “sparse data problem”, which severely restricts most WSD research today. Hence, the results of this project may also contribute to research on WSD."

Lyse successfully defended her thesis on 9 December 2011.