PhD Research School in Linguistics and Philology

Marte Nordanger

Definiteness and aspect in the Norwegian interlanguage of Russian and English learners

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This PhD Project explores how the first language influences the acquisition process of grammaticalized definiteness in Norwegian, focusing on Russian L1 learners and English L1 learners. Definiteness is grammaticalized both in Norwegian and in English, while it is not expressed by grammatical means in Russian. The project aims to see if this typological difference, which might be conceptual as well as linguistic, is confirmed in equivalents and further transferred into the interlanguage. A special area of interest is how aspect might interact with object definiteness in Russian. 

The PhD-project is mainly based on data extracted from the ASK-corpus, but the investigation will also be supplied by qualitative data and translations tests. Methodologically, Jarvis’ Unified Framework for Transfer Studies is used as a guideline. The project also has its background within the theories applied in the transfer project ASKeladden (conducted by Professor Kari Tenfjord, University of Bergen).

Nordanger works at the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic studies.