PhD Research School in Linguistics and Philology

Aleksandrs Berdicevskis

Linguistic features of the communication via instant messaging services in Russian

Main content

Initial project description:

"I look into the linguistic behaviour of Russian-speaking users of different instant messengers (IMs). My main research questions are:
- How does the communication channel influence the linguistic features of communication? (i.e. in what way does IM-communication differ from oral and written speech).
- What happens with the norm in Russian IM-communication? It is commonly known that the standard norm is widely ignored there, but communication is impossible without norm at all. My aim is to determine when norm violations are not tolerated, and what new tacit conventions about what one can and cannot do are being developed.
- What new linguistic phenomena emerge in Russian IM-communication? How and why does this happen?

As a main data source I use the website http://bash.org.ru. This is a Russian equivalent of http://bash.org, a collection of (supposed-to-be-funny) quotes extracted from real IM-conversations. It is a unique corpus of excerpts from everyday conversations, which otherwise would be hard to gather."

Berdicevskis successfully defended his thesis on 21 June 2013.