PhD Research School in Linguistics and Philology

Katrine Utgård

Prosodic aspects of spoken Spanish in Guatemala: a dialectological study.

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In my post-gratuate thesis, Fonética del español de Guatemala: Análisis geolingüístico pluridimensional (Utgård 2006), the results show that there is no significant dialectal variation concerning the pronunciation of fonetical segments in spoken Spanish in Guatemala. In this dissertation I will study any possible dialectal variation according to suprasegmental phenomenon, mainly focusing on the intonation.

To register dialectal variation, I will undertake a network of interviews covering the whole Spanish-speaking part of Guatemala. In the carrying out of the interviews I will follow common methodologies in AMPER (Atlas Multimedia de la Prosodia del Espacio Románico), an extensive joint project treating prosodic aspects of romance languages, and of which my dissertation-project also takes a part. Four corpora will be assembled. The first treats affirmative sentences and absolute interrogative sentences (SVO-structure), and will be the main study object. The three others are control groups. The results will then be analysed according to an autosegmental-metrical approach before they can be categorized and drawn into dialectal maps. Every studied element will get its own linguistic map.

Eventually, the data will be analysed further so that possible isoglosses can be contoured for Guatemala. If various isoglosses coincide, one may assume the existence of different dialects in Guatemala. The results will be compared with other intonational patterns described by other linguists such as Antonio Quilis (1982), Vicente Revert Sanz (2001) and Juan Manuel Sosa (1999).


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Utgård works at the Department of Foreign Languages.