PhD Research School in Linguistics and Philology

Ole Kristian Våge

El conocimiento supradisciplinario en la terminología: el caso de la acuicultura

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Initial project description:

"The booming growth of aquaculture during the last decades has had such an impact that it has been denominated the blue revolution. Regarding salmon farming, two nations have led this spectacular growth, Norway and Chile. However, no investigation has intended to analyze the terminology of aquaculture neither in Norwegian nor in Spanish.

Departing from an onomasiological perspective, I will analyze the concepts from certain domains in aquaculture, first in Norwegian then in Spanish. This will be done by establishing concepts systems which determine the relations between the concepts. Defining each concept becomes pivotal in this process. I will excerpt these definitions from a corpus consisting of text books of aquaculture aimed at undergraduate students. However, and if necessary, I will recur to other sources, for example product manuals.

After this has been done for both languages I will analyze the degree of equivalence between the concepts in the respective languages. As a hypothesis, my suggestion is that there will be a high degree of equivalence in technical concepts while a lower one in judicial concepts within aquaculture.

The next step in my investigation is the analysis of the terms; the linguistic denominations of the concepts. I will compare the formation of terms in both languages, the degree of motivation and the use of metaphors. My suggestion is that the Norwegian terms carry a high degree of motivation while the Spanish terms are marked by neologism from English.

Finally, I will analyze the relationship between the concepts and the terms; the degree of polysemy, synonymy and homonymy."

Våge successfully defended his thesis on 16 March 2012.