Molecular and Computational Biology Research School

The ambition of the Molecular and Computational Biology Research School (MCB) is to create an attractive and stimulating training environment for PhD students in molecular and computational biology, both to better serve the needs for relevant training in the field, and to stimulate crossdiscipline developments in the research of the parties.

Image showing an open book flowing in mid-air

How to publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals - August 26-28

This three-day course will take you from planning and preparing to writing and submitting a paper. You also receive in-depth advice on how to tackle the peer-review process and deal with reviewers and editors. You learn to understand the implicit rules of the peer-review publishing system and...

Who can become members?
All PhD-students at the partner sites (Departments of Biomedicin, Biology, Informatics and Molecular Biology and the Sars centre).

How do I join?
By signing up to the introductory course at first chance. The introductory course runs every fall semester.

If I am not a member - can I participate in single courses?
Yes, courses are open (except the intro course), but members of MCB have priority.