Molecular and Computational Biology Research School

Join MCB - The MCB Introductory Course 2017

The MCB Introductory course is organised once per year, in the fall semester, and is the entry point to the MCB research school.

The course consists of two components: A 2-day overnight workshop at beautiful Glesvær, a one-hour bus ride outside Bergen, and half-day site-visits with research presentations at the MCB partner sites.  The site visit will introduce you to the research school partners, which all do research within or near your own field of interest. The Glesvær workshop will cover topics relevant to your PhD-studies, and you will also be asked to give a short presentation of yourself and your research project.  There is also a social programme, usually including some form of outdoor activity.

The course is free of charge for the participants.  

Dates 2017: 

  • October 9-10: 2-day workshop at Glesvær
  • October 16, 23, 30 and November 6 site visits (half day) at the remaining MCB partner sites

Sign up:  https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=3724756

Deadline: 24. September

Contact: contact@mcb.uib.no / tel: 55 58 45 03

2 ECTs will be awarded for participation in the whole programme (part 1 + 5 site-visits).


Who and Why?

Who can participate?

The MCB Introductory Course is for new students at the partner institutions of MCB.  Although the course is primarily for students employed later than march the year before, the MCB Introductory Course is open to any PhD-students affiliated with the MCB partner institutions, which are:

Why participate

By participating, you gain membership in the MCB research shcool:  MCB offers

  • A series of high-quality, short term (max 2 weeks) research courses
  • A series of shorter courses helping you to develop more general skills, covering topics such as - scientific writing, scientific publishing, project work/management, popularization, commersialization, experimental design and more.
  • Seminars and network activities

In addition, MCB will put you in contact with fellow students at other units/Departments and give you a better overview of what's going on within the research field in Bergen.  The only mandatory activity is the introductory course, so you can regulate yourself how much time you use on MCB-activities.  

The Introductory Course itself will set focus on some interesting and hopefully useful aspects of science, and the site-visits give you an excellent overview of what's going on within the field(s) of Molecular and Computational Biology in the Bergen area.  Through the two days at Glesvær, you will get an excellent opportunity to get to know fellow students in the same stage of their PhD-studies as yourself, and to exchenge valuable experiences and thoughts.