The Research School in Public Health and Primary Health Care

About the Research School

The Research School was established in spring 2007 and is located at the Department of global public health and primary care in Kalfarveien 31, 5018 Bergen

Target groups are candidates accepted in the PhD program at the University of Bergen, who have their main supervisor or co-supervisor at the Department, and students at the Medical Student Research Programme (MSRP). The research courses will be open for these target groups, as well as for other PhD candidates at the University of Bergen.

The main purpose of The Research School is to develop a stimulating scientific environment for PhD candidates, students at the Medical Student Research Programme and researchers within the field of public health and primary health care.


  • strengthen the scientific training and education
  • contribute to establish a network of PhD candidates to facilitate an exchange of ideas and knowledge 
  • strengthen the collaboration between the research groups
  • present the research activity of the PhD candidates

The Director of The Research School is Professor John Gunnar Mæland.