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Statsråd Iselin Nybø videohelsing til opningen av WNGER II 23. august 2018

Contact us:

Research school leader:  Professor Rune Johan Krumsvik

Administration: Marius Ole Johansen

Research School Coordinator: University of Bergen,  Department of Education, Faculty of Psychology

Christiesgt. 12, 5015 BERGEN, Phone: +47 55 58 81 49

The Nordic Graduate School of Educational Research (formerly WNGER II) is the largest graduate school in the Nordic countries within pedagogy and educational science, with over 20 instructors, 200 members, and 15 member institutions. The graduate school is an investment in doctoral education in Western Norway, aiming to create the best possible doctoral education for our candidates. The graduate school is designed to complement existing PhD programs, allowing candidates to choose courses that suit their progression and interests.

The target group for the graduate school includes doctoral candidates in pedagogy, teacher education, university and college pedagogy, educational science, health and sports science, special education, and professional practice. In addition to PhD courses, the graduate school offers regular annual courses for doctoral supervisors.

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Approval of courses in WNGER II

WNGER II is a research school that is complementary to the PhD-programs and education at the member institutions. Both midway evaluation and the approval of the doctoral education and similar are handled and approved by the member institutions where the candidate is enrolled as a PhD candidate. The PhD candidate is responsible for applying to the member institution for approval of courses that have been completed through WNGER II. The number of study points might vary for some of the member institutions in WNGER II. We encourage PhD candidates to contact their local PhD program coordinator at their institution regarding questions on this topic.

PhD candidates will receive a course diploma after completing a course in WNGER II.

PhD candidates will be prioritized accordingly in terms of participation in doctoral courses in WNGER II:

  • 1. priority: PhD candidates that are employed at one of the member institutions and who are members of WNGER II
  • 2. priority: Other PhD candidates that are employed at one of the member institutions in WNGER II
  • 3. priority: Other employees at member institutions in WNGER II
  • 4. priority: PhD candidates from other PhD programs in Norway

A total of 20 participants are enrolled in WNGER II courses.