Western Norway Graduate School of Educational Research II

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Statsråd Iselin Nybø videohelsing til opningen av WNGER II 23. august 2018


Research school leader:  Professor Rune Johan Krumsvik

Administration: Kåre Helleve

Research Assistant: Maria Ballidi

Research School Coordinator: University of Bergen,  Department of Education, Faculty of Psychology

Christiesgt. 13, 5020 BERGEN, Telefon: +47 55 58 81 49

Western Norway Graduate School of Educational Research II (WNGER II) was established 23. August 2018 to strengthen the PhD-education across 6 universities and university colleges in Western Norway. WNGER II is a research school in Western Norway where the aim is to create the best possible research education for our PhD candidates at both the host- and partner institutions. WNGER II shall be a good supplement to the existing PhD programs in Vestlandet and therefore it aims that candidates take the doctorate courses that match their progression and desires.

The target groups for the research school are PhD candidates in pedagogy, teacher education, university and college pedagogy, educational science, health and sports science, special education and professional practice.

The host institution is the University of Bergen and partner institutions are the University of Stavanger , the Western Norway University of Applies Sciences,the NLA University College, the VID Specialized College and the Volda University College. The University of Agder has become our new associate member from 1.5.2020.


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phd studenter

Kristine Ludvigsen defends 6.3.2020 for the PhD degree at the University of Bergen with the thesis: "Creating Spaces for Formative Feedback in Lectures. Understanding how use of educational technology can support formative assessment in lectures in higher education."

In the future, we would like to present more WNGER II members who defend their thesis at UiB, UiS, HVL, VID, NLA or HVO. If you like to present your defence of thesis here, please contact Maria Ballidi.