Western Norway Graduate School of Educational Research II

How to become member of WNGER II

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All PhD candidates at both the host- and partner institutions have the right to become members of  Western Norway Graduated School of Educational Research II. Desired PhD candidacy in:  pedagogy, teacher education, university and college pedagogy, educational science, health and sports science, special education and professional practice

If you as PhD-candidate or PhD-supervisor are interested to become a WNGER II-member please send us an email to WNGER II here:

Scientific assistant Maria Ballidi: Maria.Ballidi@uib.no

If your institution has questions about associate memberships in WNGER II, please contact:

Research school leader:  Professor Rune Johan Krumsvik: Rune.Johan.Krumsvik@uib.no

Universitetet i Bergen, Det psykologiske fakultetet, Institutt for pedagogikk

Address: Christiesgt. 13, 5020 BERGEN, 

Telefon: +47 55 58 81 49