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CORE Lecture

CORE Lecture: Interaction Approaches to Intersectionality Theory (Matt and Sona Golder)

Matt and Sona Golder, Pennsylvania State University, will will give a joint CORE Lecture on their book project “Interaction Approaches to Intersectionality Theory”

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Matt and Sona Golder will discuss their book project (co-authored with Ray Block, Jr.), tentatively titled Interaction Approaches to Intersectionality Theory, which builds on their recent article in the Journal of Politics (see attached). The goal of the book is to provide a stand-alone and accessible overview of how to evaluate claims of intersectionality using quantitative methods. Broadly-speaking, intersectionality rejects the separability of categories of difference such as gender, race, sexuality, disability, and class. It aims to uncover how structures of power interact to create and perpetuate inequalities among different identity groups. Over the last two decades, intersectionality has become a general theoretical framework that is employed across the social sciences, humanities, and even parts of the natural sciences. Historically, intersectionality research has been dominated by scholars using qualitative methods. However, the number of researchers interested in applying quantitative methods to address questions related to intersectionality is growing fast. Their primary focus will be on providing hands-on practical advice to these researchers.