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UiB Alumni

The University of Bergen has started an alumni project to maintain ties between the university and its alumni. At the Department of Comparative Politics we follow this up, as we are proud of and interested in our alumni.

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Each year the Department hosts a memorial lecture for Stein Rokkan. In relation to this we have started a new tradition, with inviting the alumni to the lecture. After the talk we have a reception for the speeker, staff, and former and present master students. You can read more about Stein Rokkan and the lectures here.

We plan more activities like these, and to create a space for students, staff and alumni to meet, and learn from each other. UiB Alumni has created an internetportal to help achieve this, where all who have taken exams at the University of Bergen can register. If you are interested in participating at Alumni events, both online and in real life, you can click here and register.