Centre for Early Sapiens Behaviour


Group photo
Craig Foster

SapienCE includes these researchers:

Christopher Henshilwood Director SapienCE and Professor, ArchaeologyUniversity of Bergen
Eystein JansenVice Director SapienCE and Professor, Earth SciencesUniversity of Bergen
Karen van NiekerkSenior researcher,  ArchaeologyUniversity of Bergen
Andrea BenderProfessor,  Psychology University of Bergen
Simon ArmitageReader, Physcial GeographyRoyal Holloway
Carin Andersson Dahl          Principal Researcher, Climate VariabilityUni Research Climate
Kenneth HugdahlProfessor, Biological PsychologyUniversity of Bergen
Torill LindstrømProfessor, PsychologyUniversity of Bergen
Stein-Erik LauritzenProfessor, Earth SciencesUniversity of Bergen
Anna Nele MecklerResearcher,  Earth SciencesUniversity of Bergen
Margit Hildegard SimonSenior Researcher, Biogeochemical OceanographyUni Research Climate
Zhongshi ZhangSenior Researcher, Climate VariabilityUni Research Climate
Odd Helge OtteråSenior Researcher, Climate Dynamics Uni Research Climate
Stefan Pieter SobolowskiPrincipal Researcher, Climate ImpactsUni Research Climate
Francesco d’ErricoProfessor, ArchaeologyUniversity of Bergen / University of Bordeaux
Christopher Miller                      Professor, ArchaeologyUniversity of Bergen / University of Tübingen
Sarah WurzAssociate Professor, ArchaeologyUniversity of Bergen / University of Witwaterstrand
Petro KeeneCuratorUniversity of Witwaterstrand
Magnus HaalandPostdoctoral fellow, ArchaeologyUniversity of Bergen
Turid Hillestad NelPostdoctoral fellow, ArchaeologyUniversity of Bergen
Silje Evjenth BentsenPostdoctoral fellow, ArchaeologyUniversity of Bergen
Ole Fredrik UnhammerPhD Candidate, ArchaeologyUniversity of Bergen
Evi Linda NaudtsPhD Candidate, Earth SciencesUniversity of Bergen
Jenny Marianne MaccaliPostdoctoral fellow, Earth Sciences University of Bergen