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Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology

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Main assets of the Sars Centre are interest in ambitious, cross-disciplinar and groundbreaking science using marine model systems, a very international composition of staff and collaborators worldwide, excellent resources and infrastructure including outstanding animal facilities.

The Sars Centre is continuously looking for scientific, technical and administrative staff, as well as undergraduate students.

The working atmosphere is positive and – many say – collegial and warmer than usual. Norway is a welcoming and attractive country, Bergen is a beautiful and active city with many opportunities for young and less young future Sars members and their families, including sport, culture, night life etc… And last but not least, Bergen is a strong Research City and the University of Bergen comprises numerous labs in fields of interest for scientists at the Sars Centre, including marine biology and molecular biology at large.

All jobs are open to competition with competence and motivation as essential criteria.