SDG Bergen

Education and sustainability

SDG Bergen is a strategic initiative by the University of Bergen to organise future education to engage with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The University of Bergen (UiB) is integrating critical thinking on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the study programmes at the university. UiB is a comprehensive university that conducts and manages knowledge across all disciplines. Sustainability runs through the research and education that we offer across all our seven faculties. As a university we believe that the growing awareness on sustainable development will affect, and must shape, future education opportunities.

In 2018, a working group called Utdanning 2030 (Education 2030) was established under the leadership of Vice-Rector for Global Relations, Professor Annelin Eriksen. The group presented a report in spring 2019, with recommendations on how sustainability, sustainable development and the SDGs will impact on education at the university and the need to establish more multidisciplinary study programmes to engage critically with the 2030 Agenda. The report was discussed in the university's Education Committee in its September 2019 meeting. One of the suggestions in the report is to establish a Master's degree in sustainability.

Young people today have a completely different idea of a sustainable world than past generations. This creates a challenge for the university sector as knowledge providers and it is important to consider how the education the sector offers can be organised to meet the needs and expectations of future generations.

Students are actively engaged in the annual SDG Conference Bergen, providing a link between grassroots activity and high-level science diplomacy.

Lecturers at the university have established Bærekraftskollegiet (UiB Sustainability Collegium). Read more about this bottom-up initiative.