Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS)

Previous projects at SEFAS

Centre for nursing home and elderly medicine has performed many research projects in the past, which are now finished. Read more about them below

Eldre person
Elderly person

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LIVE@Home.Path An innovative and interdisciplinary study focused on improving care for home-dwelling people with dementia. The study took place in 2019 - 2023

Dying and dignity A study on dignity-preserving care for elderly women living at home with cancer. The study took place in 2018 - 2021

SLEEP.PAIN.DEM  A study that investigated whether pain management has a positive effect on sleep in nursing home patients with dementia.

Death at home in Norway A retrospective register study that included all deaths in Norway between 2012 and 2013.

COSMOS An intervention study with organized activities, preparatory interviews, medication review, pain assessment and pain management in nursing homes.

DEP.PAIN.DEM A study investigating whether treatment of pain had a positive effect on depression in nursing home patients with dementia.

MEDVIRK-DEM User participation in the design of municipal services for people with dementia.

Treatment of pain and burdensome symptoms Can pain medication improve the lives of nursing home patients with dementia and restlessness, and how do patients fare in the last phase of life in Norwegian nursing homes.