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Grete Reimers

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LIVE@Home.Path is a collection of several studies on people with dementia and their caregivers. The goal of the project is to develop knowledge about people with dementia living at home and how to improve the dementia pathway.

The number of home-dwelling people with dementia is increasing. Due to the development of the disease, people with dementia demands an increasing rate of help and support, both from health care professionals, and informal caregivers. There is a need to improve the health care services for this group; both to increase the quality of care, dignity and safety for the patients, but also to reduce caregiver burden and rate of institutionalisation. The complexity of the field and the multitude of individual needs suggest that isolated improvements are not sufficient to meet the growing needs.

LIVE@Home.Path aims to solve some of these challenges by coordinating and integrating a variety of measures, individually adjusted to meet the needs of each patient and their caregivers. With the question «What matters to YOU?» as a starting point, we will offer education to patients and their caregivers, combined with volunteer and technological support. Moreover, we will offer education and support for general practitioners and the municipal home care services to increase inter-professional cooperation and increase the attention given to specific challenges, observations and possibilities for improving the care for people with dementia.

As part of the project we will perform a variety of studies to gain knowledge about home-dwelling people with dementia as well as their surrounding support system.