Centre for Women's and Gender Research

The PhD-group for gender research

The PhD students at SKOK organize a self-coordinated research group for all PhD students at the University of Bergen working on gender-related topics.

Students gathered around a table
PhD students at the University of Bergen are welcome to participate in SKOK's research group for PhD-students, as well as in our annual PhD-relays.

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At the moment, the group is composed by PhD students from different disciplines (Social Anthropology, Sociology, Media Science, Philosophy, Linguistics, Literature) at the University of Bergen, who focus on gender in their individual projects. The group is an arena where participants discuss their manuscripts, methodological challenges, as well as different theoretical perspectives on gender.

The multidisciplinary composition of the group helps participants gain new insights and perspectives on their own research. This is a strenght in a time where the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration is increasing. The group aims to build a stronger and more robust network between PhD candidates with a particular interest in gender at UiB.