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Screening of "Imagining Emanuel" and "Out of Norway"

SKOK organized a public screening of "Imagining Emanuel" and "Out of Norway", followed by a conversation of the researchers working on the ongoing research project "WAIT - Waiting for an uncertain future: the temporalities of irregular migration."

Out of Norway & Imagining Emanuel TRAILER

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Establishing an identity is both central for assessing asylum claims and for removing those whose claim has been rejected. Imagining Emanuel and Out of Norway are two documentaries by Norwegian artist Thomas Østbye that explore the question of what constitute truth and migrants’ identity.

Imagining Emanuel attempts to form an image of a man calling himself Emanuel. Emanuel must try to prove his identity without any official documents. The authorities defend one version, he another. As his identity remain uncertain, he is unable to get residency and the immigration authorities are unable to deport him. For nearly ten years, Emanuel lives as an irregular migrant in Norway.

Imagining Emanuel won several awards. The prize money was used to make the thought-provoking follow-up Out of Norway, where Emanuel document his own illegal journey from "the world's wealthiest country" back to war-worn Liberia in search of a new life.