Centre for Women’s and Gender Research

Open seminar


The Centre for women's and gender research (SKOK) at the University of Bergen invites all PhD-candidates writing their dissertation on gender-related topics to our annual PhD-seminar.

PhD stafett.jpg

PhD stafett
PhD-stipendiater ved SKOK har mulighet til å samarbeid både gjennom PhD-staffetten og forskningsgruppen for PhD-studenter.

All PhD-candidates writing dissertations with a empirical or theoretical focus on gender are welcome to our interdisciplinary seminar, Wednesday 27th September. The PhD-relay is a full-day seminar where all participants are given 15 minutes to present their projects. Afterwards, we will discuss the presentation among all participants, including the gender researchers at SKOK. This way candidates are given the opportunity to get feedback on their work from experts in the field of gender research, and network across disciplinary boundaries.

If you want to participate, you can sign up for the seminar by following the link to the sign-up form in the fact-box to the right. You will be asked to upload an archive with a half-page long abstract of your dissertation. You can also sign up and send us your abstract on a later stage, by september 20th. 

Participation during the full lenght of the seminar and presentation of your own work is attributed with 1 credit.