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Gender, migration and inequality

The research group is an interdisciplinary and interfaculty group of researchers at the University of Bergen.

The members og the research group has an interest in global societal challenges, focusing on gender, migration and inequality.

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Migration as a research field is developing rapidly, and there is a large demand for knowledge on this subject. At the same time, European migration studies have been criticized for building on epistemological and theoretical assumptions that reproduce hegemonic structures.

The research group Gender, migration and inequality is an interdisciplinary and interfaculty forum for researchers interested in migration-related issues. With a basis in critical diversity, sexuality and gender perspectives, the research group will contribute to new thinking in the field. The research group actively contributes to UiB's strategic area Global Challenges.

The group is an arena for the development of new research projects, and for presenting and discussing ongoing research projects and publications.

The research group is led by postdoctoral fellow Kari Anne K. Drangsland at the Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK).


The research group organized two events in October 2022:

  • At a research group lunch seminar 5 October, Janina Schmidt presented her PhD research with the title "Stop-and-go. An ethnography on the correlation of time and power within the German asylum administrative practice in Schleswig-Holstein."

Schmidt, who visited SKOK for a short research stay in October, is supervised by research group member Kari Anne Drangsland.

  • Research group lunch workshop 26 October: Politics of exhaustion, ignorance and racial translation.

Three of the research group's PhDs presented, focusing on the concepts they work with, followed by comments and discussions.

Sarah-Louise Japhetson Mortensen: Politics of exhaustion: concept, strategy, experience.

Dinara Yangeldina: Conceptualizing racial translation in hip-hop and intersectionality’s eastward travels

Anders Rubing: Designerly gaps and ruptures, ontopolitics of Ignorance

Other activities by research group members:

Sarah Japhetson Mortensen, guest researcher at SKOK in the autumn 2022 semester, presented her work at IMER Bergen's event Fractured protection and bodily exhaustion: navigating the paradigm shift in Danish asylum policy, 29 November 2022.

Christine M. Jacobsen and Marry-Anne Karlsen were in December 2022 visiting scholars at the Center for Race and Gender (CRG) at UC Berkeley. Their visit continued the collaborative research on Native/Immigrant/Refugee: Immobility and Movement Across Contested Grounds (2nd phase) and was financed by the 2020 Peder Sather Grant Programme award granted to CRG's Native/Immigrant/Refugee: Crossings Research Initiative (NIRCRI).


Below, you'll find an overview of the research group's members, as well as on-going research projects, resources and networks:

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