Centre for Women’s and Gender Research
Open seminar with Sara Edenheim

The feminism of good intentions: A Critical analysis of a Paradigm

Sara Edenheim sparked controversy in Sweden with her article “Den goda viljans feminism”. “Where is the academic debate in gender studies and gender research today?” Edenheim will talk about how and why the academic debate among gender scholars is almost non-existent in Sweden.

Portrett Sara Edenheim
Profilbil Umeå University

Where is the academic debate in gender studies and gender research today? With few Swedish journals – committed primarily to publishing research findings and theme issues – there is little space for discussion and that which is provided is usually sporadic. The dialogue with the most continuity in Swedish feminism in the 2000s was probably that on intersectionality. Since then, academic debate among Swedish gender scholars has been nigh on non-existent. We occasionally encounter general opinion pieces in the media, but in-depth and intellectual discussions are thin on the ground. Edenheim will in this seminar talk about how and why we have ended up where we are, and contribute to what can become an ongoing conversation to break the paradigm we are all part of these days and which she will attempt to identify here. Edenheim does not believe that the lack of space is the only answer to the question of why the discussions are conspicuous by their absence.