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Opent seminar with editorial board from the STINT project

Transnational feminism - CANCELLED!!

CANCELLED!! The Editorial board will, when meeting in Bergen hold an open panel on transnational feminism.

Skok Vinter

Cancelled! The project "New tools for transnational analysis in postgraduate intersectional gender research" with our partners in South Africa, Hungary and Sweden is coming to a conclusion with a book publication. The editorial group are coming together in Bergen at SKOK and will do a panel discussion on the politics of transnational feminist research and cooperation.

The editorial board are Dr. Swati Aurora; Kings College London, Kharnita Mohamed; University of Cape Town, Petra Bakos Jarrett, PhD at Central European University, Professors Nina Lykke and Madina Tlostanova from Linköping University and post doc. Redi Koobak from SKOK.