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Work life relevance

What can I become?

Welcome to SKOK's event about work life relevance: What can I become? We can offer entertainment, pizza and insight into what your working day could look like after you graduate.

Eit svart-kvitt bilete som viser ein bar, to bartendarar i kvit skjorte der den fremste er litt ute av fokus og kun vist frå halsen og ned
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This evening, you'll meet former gender studies students who will tell you about the importance of their studies for the job they do now.

You'll also meet representatives for companies and organizations in Bergen that will be a part of our job-shadowing project next semester.

In addition to pizza and entertainment, it'll be possible to get drinks in the bar.

All students with a connection to SKOK are welcome! No registration is necessary.

The event will be held at Ad Fontes, the HF students' pub at Høyden.