Centre for Women's and Gender Research

Graduate course spring 2011- On Feminism and the Animal

Centre for Women’s and Gender Research offers the graduate course, On Feminism and the Animal, 18 – 20 May, 2011.

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Lecturer: Professor Elizabeth Grosz, SKOK/Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

Register before March 30 to marianne.eskeland@skok.uib.no

Course Description: This course addresses the question of how the animal is thought in Western discourse and what role it plays in our understanding of the human. It focuses on the concept of the animal in key figures in patriarchal and feminist thought, and how this concept provides us with an understanding not only of the human but also what may be beyond the human, the post-human. We will look at the relevant texts of those thinkers who have made major contributions to how we understand reason and language, often considered uniquely human characteristics – including Aristotle, Descartes, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida, Deleuze and Guattari, Irigaray and Kofman; we will also explore some of the key writings of ethologists and those who elaborated the worlds of animals – including Charles Darwin, Jakob von Uexkull, Konrad Lorenz, Karl von Frisch and others.  In doing so we will explore the worlds of animals and humans and the role of sexuality in the elaboration of animal life.

Required Reading: All the readings will be made available from SKOK

Participation without essay will give 3 ECTS credits.
Participation and essay will give 10 ECTS credits.

The course is free, but participants will have to arrange and pay for the travel and accommodation themselves.

Please notice that May is a busy month in Bergen so we recommend you to book accommodation as soon as possible.

For more information please contact marianne.eskeland@skok.uib.no.