Staff Mobility Week


Programme of the week

The program consist of two parts; the different group programmes and the joint programme.

Approximately half of the SMW programme is planned for group activities, and the participants is divided into the three groups. In the other half of the programme, all the participants are doing things together.

This is an overview of the different parts of the SMW-18:

Morning ArrivingGroup programmeExcursion allGroup programmeGroup programme
Noon Opening SMW allGroup lunchExcursion lunchGroup lunchLunch for all
Afternoon Lunch for allGroup programme

Excursion all

Group programmeClosing SMW
EveningSocial activitySocial activitySocial activity SMW-dinner allLeaving

Group programme

On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning, there will be presentations and discussions based on the subject of the group you were accepted for as a participant. Please be prepared for sharing best practise and experience with international colleagues, to discuss new issues and the latest developments within your field of expertise and get a first-hand impression of how we work at UiB. For more information about the content of your group programme, please look at the information for the different groups.

Joint programme


Our SMW starts with an opening ceremony, where we will try to introduce you to Norway, the University of Bergen and the SMW. It also calls for a bit of celebration that SMW-18 has started, and that all of our participants actually wanted to come to visit us. So this is a day where getting to know each other is the main goal.


UiB is an urban university, located in the city centre of Bergen, Norway's second largest city. But you are never far away from the sea, mountains, nature and rural areas. This day we want to give you a taste of Western Norway, and let you see yourself what are the wider surroundings of the university and some of the challenges our society is facing. So this whole day, we are going on an excursion.

An excursion, a shared experience, is also something we think is good for the group dynamic. It can become fairly exhausting and stressful spending a whole week together with new people, talking, learning, debating one after another. So this excursion day is also here to allow time for reflection and informal networking as part of the programme.

We are currently working on stitching together what we hope will be an interesting excursion, so for now we don´t have more specific information about this day. More information about the day will be published later.


The SMW-dinner for all of our participants and many of the organizers - we plan to somewhere nice and eat something good - more information will come.


A last meal together as SMW-18, before we spend some time to share with all the participants what was the outcome from the different group activities through the week. And then we say good bye and let's keep in touch - the ending of SMW is maybe just the beginning of something more!

Social activities

These are activities we organize for you, but if you want to do something else, please feel free to do so.

We will probably also include some social activities based on which group you are in, and these we recommend that you participate in for expanding your professional network. We will update the programme when the plans are more concrete.

Sunday: For those who has already arrived, this is a possibility to meet some of the organizers and other participants who has arrived early. We will try to find a place where you can buy some dinner if you want, or just a drink, or just to talk and relax.

Monday: This will be updated later
Tuesday: This will be updated later