Staff Mobility Week

Application process

If you want to become one of the participants at SMW-20, you will need to fit the profile for one of our groups, and make a good argument in your application for why we should choose you!

Main content

We publish information about the upcoming SMW on UiB web and on Imotion before the Christmas break the year prior to the event. Invitations are also sent to many of the institutions we have erasmus agreements with.

On this web site you will find links to the application forms (one for each group), and information about the application deadline. The application deadline for SMW-20 is 1.of March 2020.

Participants to the different groups are chosen on the basis of their application by the organizers of each group.  

After selection, the applicants that are chosen are given a certain time to respond if they accept, and if nessacary more applicats will be chosen.

Everybody should be informed if they are chosen, on the waiting list or have been rejected. You should receive an answer before 1.of April, 2020, so please feel free to contact us if you haven´t heard anything by that date.