Staff Mobility Week

Practicalities 2020

Practical issues in preparation of Staff Mobility Week 2020!

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Accompanying persons

In general, we advise against bringing anyone along with you for the staff week. This will allow you to have focus on the content of the week, and to have more time to get to know the other people participating at the SMW. 
In general, we recommend accompanying persons to enjoy Bergen's attractions on their own. See "About Bergen" for more information.
However, it is usually possible for an accompanying persons to attend some of the social activities that will be offered during SMW; the guided tour Monday and the visit to Spurkeland vikingfarm on Tuesday. This will be associated with a fee for the accompanying person. Participants will have to inform us on which activities the accompanying persons would like to attend before SMW starts. All participants will receive a questionnaire where several issues will be addressed, among them the information about accompanying person.


We have reserved some rooms in one hotel in Bergen for the duration of the week. If you are chosen for participation in SMW, you will receive information on how to book one of these rooms for yourself.
Mind that the participants are themselves responsible for covering the costs of the room.
Participants may of course book any other accommodation if they please.

The price of the rooms we have booked is NOK 950 for a single room including breakfast. The hotel is within walking distance to the university. (The city centre is so small that most things are within walking distance.)

NB - check the location of the hotel (we have reserved) before you arrive, arriving from the airport you should not travel all the way into the city centre.


Arriving by plane: The Bergen airport is at Flesland, 20 km outside the city of Bergen. The Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen) leaves frequently, and are quite a bit cheaper than the airport bus (check for more info. below). The bus leaves every 10 minutes for the city during working hours, and slightly less frequently in the evening.

Arriving by train: The train station is in the middle of the city centre. Most things are within walking distance in Bergen.

Bergen City Bike

General information: https://bergenbysykkel.no/en


Open-air music festival june 10 -13.: https://www.bergenfest.no/en/

Bybanen / Bergen Light Rail

General info.: https://www.skyss.no/en/timetable-and-maps/bergen-light-rail/

The app "Skyss Ticket": https://www.skyss.no/en/tickets-and-prices/buying-tickets/skyss-ticket-app/

Please be aware that you should have a valid ticket before entering. They check this pretty often, and the fine is quite heavy.

Climate and what to bring

One of the interesting things about living in Bergen is that you never know what weather the next day will bring. In May, the temperature can also vary a lot from 25 degrees and sunny, or rain and 2° C. We will inform you more of what kind of weather we are expecting when we are getting close to the next SMW.

You can also check out the weather forecast yourself at www.yr.no.

In addition, we ask all participants to bring sensible shoes. We will invite you to activities, which requires good, comfortable shoes for walking. 

The cobblestones that cover a big part of the city does not invite for high heels either.


There is no fee for participating in the Staff Mobility Week. Participants are however responsible for covering their own accommodation, travel to/from Bergen and most meals during the week. Some meals are however complementary from UiB. Every day you get a free lunch, and Thursday night dinner is complementary by the university (but drinks afterwards are not).

Please note: Erasmus funding for participating in this program might be available through your home institution. Please contact your own Institutional Erasmus Coordinator.


In order to participate in our Staff Mobility Week, you need to be able to communicate well in English. We expect that the participants are willing and able to participate in debates and some of you will be invited to hold a presentation about their work and experience.

Participant questionnaire

In April, we will send all the participants a questionnaire. We do this to get detailed information about what activities you will participate in, when you are arriving, when you are planning to leave, where you will stay etc. This will help us plan the event, and not having to pay for unattended meals and so on.

Participant presentation

In April, we will also ask you for a photo, and some personal information about you. You decide what you want to share, but we hope you will say a few words about what you enjoy doing when not at work. We will also do this for all of us involved in SMW-20 at the University of Bergen.

The photo, your name, where you work, what you like to do, together with your contact information will be compiled into a leaflet you will receive when registering on Monday 8th of June.

The idea is that this should it make it easier to get an overview of the people you meet during the days of SMW-20, but also for later if you want to contact someone. We think it is great if SMW-20 expands your professional and/or private network.


In order to comply with the Personal data Act, we request that you give your consent for us to use photos of you in information about the UiB Staff Mobility Week. In order to do that, we will send all participants a link to the consent form. If you now, or later, don´t want to give your consent for us to use photos of you, it will of course have no negative effect on your participation in the staff week.