Sino-Nordic Welfare Research Network

SNoW Workshop 2013

A workshop was organized at the Nordic Centre, Fudan University, on 22 October 2013, immediately following the PhD Course which was organized during 17-21 October such that participants in the PhD Course could attend the workshop.

Main content

It was a one-day workshop, coordinated by Stein Kuhnle, Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen, and Ren Yuan, Professor of Demography and Urban Studies, Fudan University. The workshop attracted about 25 participants. Speakers were:

Gao Feng, Senior Specialist and Former Chinese Consular General in Gothenburg:
“The Swedish welfare system transition during the last 30 years – experience and lessons”

Pauli Kettunen, Professor of Political History, University of Helsinki:
“Topical issues in Nordic welfare research: ‘The Nordic Model’ – one model, five exceptions?”

Åsa Lundqvist, Professor of Sociology, Lund University:
“Gendering Nordic welfare research”

Raymond Chan, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong: “One country, two systems? Social policy development in HK SAR and PRC: convergence or divergence?”

Jin Feng, Professor of Economics, Fudan University:
“Changes of Chinese social security system after the 1980s and future reforms”