Sino-Nordic Welfare Research Network

Book launch

The Chinese-language book, published by Fudan University Press, edited by Pauli Kettunen, Stein Kuhnle and Yuan Ren on Reshaping Welfare Institutions in China and the Nordic Countries was launched with a seminar at the Nordic Centre, Fudan University, on 6 June 2014.

book launch Reshaping Welfare Institutions in China and the Nordic Countries
The book Reshaping Welfare Institutions in China and the Nordic Countries was published in Chinese and English simultaneously June 6 2014.

Main content

An English version of the book, published and presented simultaneously, has been published by NordWel at the University of Helsinki. The Chinese version includes some more chapters than the English version. Both are based on two SNoW-seminars, the first in Shanghai in October 2011, the second in Helsinki in June 2012.


The books are contributions to the topical debate of mutual policy learning and proper political responses to major socio-economic challenges for social policy developments in the mature Nordic welfare states and the emerging Chinese welfare state or ‘harmonious society’.


Programme manager of the Nordic Centre, Natalie Wheeler, made a brief welcome speech to the book launch, and the three editors, Stein Kuhnle, Pauli Kettunen and Yuan Ren, presented the SNoW-network and the contents of the books, which consist of three major parts covering chapters relating to norms and institutions; labour markets, migration and social rights; and ageing populations as a challenge to social security systems.


Professor Ka Lin, Zhejiang University, commented on the books.

Mr. Wang Deyao, Director and Chairman of the Board of Fudan University Press, gave a brief talk welcoming and promoting the books.

Professor Chen Youhua, Nanjing University, gave a keynote speech on “China’s population changes and social policy reform”.

Professor Sven E.O. Hort, Seoul National University, gave a keynote speech on “Beyond the East Asian Model? The welfare state in a global civilizing process”.


The introductions were followed by comments and questions from the audience of about 25 attendants. The book in Chinese has been presented on the website of the Chinese Social Science News of the Chinese Academy of the Social Sciences:



The book launch arrangement, which finished with a lunch for all participants, was financially supported by the Norwegian Consulate General.


Contents of the English and Chinese editions of the book:

With two exceptions, the Chinese edition contains all the chapters included in the English edition, but with four more chapters published only in Chinese.

Contents of the book (English version): Chapter 1: “Introduction: The development and diffusion of welfare systems and policies in the Nordic countres and China”, by Pauli Kettunen, Stein Kuhnle and Yuan Ren Part I: NORMS AND INSTITUTIONS Chapter 2: “The unbearable heaviness of welfare and the limts of social policy in China: A historical institutionalism perspective”, by Yuegen Xiong Chapter 3: “Basic elements of China’s welfare system”, by Yi Pan Chapter 4: “Historical development and new characteristics of China’s social welfare: A comparative study with South Korea under the framework of the East Asian welfare regime”, by Keqiang Han and Byung-Cheol Kim Chapter 5: “Conflicts and compromises in the Nordic countries of social regulation”, by Pauli Kettunen Chapter 6: “The principle of universalism challenged: Towards an ideational shift in the Norwegian welfare state?”, by Nanna Kildal and Stein Kuhnle Chapter 7: “Family duities in the history of poor relief and social legislation in Finland”, by Pirjo Markkola Part II: LABOUR MARKETS, MIGRATION AND SOCIAL RIGHTS Chapter 8: “Work migration and labour market regulations in the Nordic countries”, by Åsmund Arup Seip Chapter 9: “Family migration, gender equality and the Nordic welfare state: Opposing policy processes”, by Saara Pellander Chapter 10: “Housing policy and the ‘new citizen’ in the Chinese city: On the social protection of migrant workers regarding their residential rights”, by Ka Lin, Longfei Yi, and Shuang Wu Chapter 11: “Income inequality between China and India: A perspective on structural comparisons”, by Heng Quan [Only in Chinese version] “Study on China’s migrant worker shortage, from the perspective of migrant worker’s missing social rights protection”, by Zhikai Wang [Only in Chinese version] “Social rights protection and welfare policy of contemporary China’s migrant population”, by Xinping Guan Part III: AGEING POPULATIONS AS A CHALLENGE TO SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEMS Chapter 12: “ Meeting the demographic challenges. Ageing and pension systems in the Nordic countries, in a European perspective”, by Jørgen Goul Andersen and Aksel Hatland Chapter 13: “status, challenges and innovative solutions for elderly care in China and the Nordic countries”, by Hua Fu and Rolf Rønning [Only in Chinese version] “China’s elderly insurance system reformation in urbanization”, by Jin Feng [Only in Chinese version] “Developing welfare and China’s elderly care system”, by Zhan Hu and Xizhe Peng

Contents of the book (Chinese version): 1 北欧国家福利体制和福利政策的发展、扩散与中国发展 斯坦恩•库恩勒保利•基杜伦 任远 第一部分 社会规范和制度 2 福利的不能承受之重和中国社会政策的限制:历史制度主义的观察 熊跃根 3 中国社会福利体系的基本要素 潘屹 [Only in English version] 中国社会福利的历史发展与新特征:在东亚福利国家框架下与韩国的比较研究,Keqiang Han and Byung-Cheol Kim 4 北欧国家社会规则模式的冲突和妥协 保利•基杜伦 5 普惠原则面临挑战:挪威的福利国家体制正在发生观念的改变? 南纳•基达尔斯坦恩•库恩勒 6 芬兰历史上贫民救济的家庭责任和社会立法 皮尔约•马尔科拉 第二部分 劳动力市场、移民和社会权利 7 北欧国家的工作迁移和劳动力市场规定 艾斯蒙德•阿鲁普•赛普 8 家庭迁移、性别平等和北欧福利国家——政策过程的对立性 萨拉•裴兰德 9 住房政策与中国城市的“新市民”——关于农民工住房保障权利的探讨 林卡 易龙飞 吴霜 [Only in English version] 结构比较视角下的中印收入不均问题,Heng Quan 10 从农民工社会保障权益缺失看中国的“民工荒”现象 王志凯 11 当前中国流动人口的社会权利保障及相关福利政策 关信平 第三部分 老龄化和社会保障体系 12 应对人口变动的挑战:从欧洲视角观察北欧国家的老龄化和养老金体系 约尔根•格尔•安德森 埃克塞尔•哈特兰德 13 中国和北欧国家老年服务的现状、挑战和创新性的应对策略 傅华 罗尔夫•朗宁 14 城市化进程中的中国养老保险制度改革 封进 15 发展型福利与中国养老制度安排 胡湛 彭希哲