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NordWel International Summer School 2015

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The NordWel (http://blogs.helsinki.fi/nord-wel/) PhD Summer School 2015 took place at the University of Helsinki, Swedish School of Social Science, during 9-12 June 2015. The summer school was organized in collaboration with, and co-financed by, SNoW.

The program consisted of lectures, workshops and panel discussion. The lectures were held by international and Nordic senior scholars and addressed different central themes and topics in welfare research. Altogether 16 PhD candidates from Nordic and Chinese universities attended the course. They all presented papers which were discussed and commented upon by seniors scholars and fellow PhD candidates. in workshops, one hour per paper. Teachers included Sonya Michel (Professor, Department of History, University of Maryland, US), Jin Feng (Professor, School of Economics, Fudan University, China), Noel Whiteside (Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK), Yuegen Xiong (Professor, Department of Sociology, Peking University), Helena Blomberg-Kroll (Professor, The Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki), Pauli Kettunen (Professor, Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki), Stein Kuhnle (Professor, Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen), ├ůsa Lundqvist (Professor, Department of Sociology, Lund University), Paul Marx (Associate professor, Centre for Welfare State Research, University of Southern Denmark) and Klaus Petersen (Professor, Centre for Welfare State Research, University of Southern Denmark).